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Rhyton EPC Management System

Engineer, Procure and Construct Intelligently


RHYTON Project-ERP is an integrated software solution that can be leveraged as a Project- ERP or even Project Management Information System.

Managers use separate and stand-alone software products or datasheets to manage different stages of the project, including tendering, proposing, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, installation, pre-commissioning, and commissioning.

Rhyton unites these steps together in an integrated software which enables multiple stakeholders to work concurrently on their process territory and with different level of access on a single information system built around project management principles rather than respective processes.

That is why Rhyton is the solution of choice for project-intensive industries in both Engineer-Procure-Construct and Engineer-Fabricate models.

Rhyton Project-ERP focuses on Engineering and Construction Project Management as core business processes of an EPC project and Commitments, Documentation, Work Definition of the project as supportive processes.

This integrated system also could be integrated with the organization’s ERP or financial modules and makes integration with some project’s popular tools.


When planning for a small job, a simple spreadsheet could fulfill your needs, but when you are dealing with a more significant project like a residential complex, a simple spreadsheet will not suffice to keep track of your work. What you can do is creating a database in more professional software such as Microsoft Access, where you can categorize data and manage commitments with various people.
When the project grows, you may have to work with several stakeholders such as subcontractors, vendors, et cetera. There would be lots of changes from the design phase to construction. How are you going to keep track of the latest changes and revisions?
How are you going to manage your costs? How do you avoid making mistakes in purchasing? How do you integrate different stages of a project?
Executing and monitoring complicated projects require advanced solutions. We offer you RHYTON Project-ERP.


As illustrated, there are three integrated main process areas in the system which are Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and Installation. Also, we have a Supporting process area which serves the main ones.
Each process area includes several solutions, by clicking on each solution, you can find useful information regarding the features and functions of that solution.

Value Proposition

Every project is dependent on people, processes, and tools.
These are the essential elements to ensure success in projects. These elements are not equal, though, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Each one provides a different value for our projects.

EPC Management System

We provide an integrated software solution to integrate all aspects of the project from the starting point of design through the construction and delivery of the project.

Rhyton EPC Management System can ensure the efficiency of your project’s team, effective collaboration with others, and the production of high-quality outputs with regards to approved processes that can be rigorously monitored.

Rhyton EPC Management System has three primary functions, to leverage or magnify people’s effort and improve efficiency, facilitate the project’s agility, and helping the managers make intelligent decisions based on concrete facts provided by Rhyton EPC Management System.



People and tools follow processes in many of the things we do. Our processes are the routines that help us to make our way through the project without having to stop and think through every step of everything we do each time. These routines allow us to save time to focus on tasks that require our undivided attention by providing a plan for repetitive activities.

We designed the best practices for every aspect of the project so that you can focus 

Value Proposition