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Test Package Management

At the final stages of the project, concluding all activities across all disciplines is the most important concern to formal completion of the project.

Most of the contract agreements are usually written to allow the owner to retain the final payment to the general contractor as “retainage”. The contractor is bound by the contract to complete a list of contract items, incomplete or incorrect works or incidental damage to existing items, in order to receive final payment from the owner.

Test Packages

  • Facility to package related tests and evidence in a bundle;
  • Detailed tasks and activities of each package;
  • An ability that provides a clearance list of each test package;
  • Responsibility management of each test package;

Punch Lists

  • Facility to define several punch lists and listing work not conforming to the scope and contract specifications that the contractor must complete;
  • Facility to categorize punches on impact level;
  • Ability to use predefined workflows for each punch based on punch type from initiation to completion;
  • Archiving facility to make a file of documents and evidence for each punch;
  • Facility to define obstacles and tasks needs to complete a punch.

Commissioning Systems

  • Maintaining all systems and components of the project;
  • Relating activities and test packages to clearance of a system or sub-systems punches;
  • Ability to prioritize works based on system priorities.