Weld and NDT Management

Welding is the most important process in piping and steel structure projects. RHYTON weld and NDT Management software facilitates controlling all required activities and data processing to manage welding process, controlling the quality of work, Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) management, Welder Performance analysis, and technical documentation creation.

Practice of Welding

  • Maintaining the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS);
  • Further use of welding parameters, such as joint design, position, base metals, electrical characteristics, filler metals, technique, shielding, preheat, and post-weld heat treatment are all detailed in the WPS document in welding process and welders certifications;
  • Maintaining Related Product Qualification Record (PQR) to WPS;
  • Automatically create updated WPS document and make it visible to users;
  • Ability to define, Piping Material Specification (PMS) information, to make system sensitive to line specification and required actions;

Piping Definition

  • Access to the latest revision of Documents and Piping Isometrics of each line;
  • Ability to defining Piping MTO in the system;
  • Ability to get Isometrics MTO directly from Aveva PDMS .DXF output;
  • Access to ISO Sheets & Transmittals history;
  • Maintaining ISO Sheets Technical Information. (i.e. NDT Percent per sheet, Service, Class, Coating, Design Pressure, Design Temperature, …);
  • Dividing ISO Sheets’ BOM to Sub-contractors BOM.

Cylinder Tanks

  • Access to the latest revision of Documents and specification of columns and cylindrical tanks;
  • Ability to define courses, vertical and horizontal joints;
  • Ability to define nozzles and manholes and related joints.


  • Welders Database including certification, work history, grades and etc.;
  • Recording Information of Test Coupon (i.e. Welding Process, Welding Position, Base Material, Thickness, Size, etc.);
  • Welder Card & Certificate Issuance;
  • Welders and Tack Welders’ (Fitters) stamp number validity check;
  • Assigning Welder to a Specific Sub-contractor for a Period;
  • Calculation of Welder Performance based on the number of Segments, Films, and Dedicated Environment;
  • Welder grade calculation and classification to Good, Warning, Disqualified;
  • Welder disqualification zone adjustment;
  • Prevention of disqualified welders to perform welding operations.

Fit-up and Weld Process

  • Ability to define joints and spools;
  • Daily Fit-up reports;
  • Daily Bonding / Shaving reports;
  • Record left and right materials’ Heat No. to trace material;
  • Daily Welding reports
  • Welder count check based on line size;
  • Supports up to four welders for a single joint;
  • Visual check results;
  • Re-shoot, retake or repair functions based on NDT reports;

Material Request

  • Clients material requests management;
  • Check for request availability;
  • Ability to create a purchasing request in case of unavailability.

Non-Destructive Tests and Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) process

  • Ability to select joints to check, manually or randomly;
  • Facility to select Joints to check based on welder’s performance points;
  • Unique RT/PT/MT/UT No. assignment based on numbering procedure;
  • Check for Performed weld Information;
  • Reshoot or Retake distinction;
  • Maintaining RT detailed information based on the number of films, segments or environment dedicated;
  • Specification of faulty welder;
  • Penalty specification for faulty welders, manually or automatically or semi-automatically;
  • Revising or repairing joints on rejected RT;
  • NDT reports with detailed information;
  • Ability to set access for inspection party or sub-contractor to submit NDT;
  • Ability to set acceptance checkmark.
  • Re-shoot, retake or repair functions based on NDT reports;
  • Recording PWHT reports and results;
  • Make second PWHT acceptable to reduce residual stresses, as a method of hardness control, or even to enhance material strength.


  • Performed work reports;
  • (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodic) Progress;
  • Backlog reports;
  • Welder Performance report;
  • NDT Status report;
  • Subcontractor Status reports;
  • Detailed report on Fit-Up/Weld, NDTs, PWHT;
  • NDT backlog reports.


  • Ability to archive all related documents and reports related to line, Isometric, ISO Sheet, Sub-Contractor, welder including: documents, films, snapshots, work captures or even voices;
  • Facility to create welding documentations and filled forms based on the project’s templates.


Tracing pipe components of a specific heat number back to the isometrics, individual components installed, or material certificates available at the end of job documentation.


PDMS Integration sub-module facilitates getting line specification and Bill of Material from AVEVA PDMS’ .DXF that saves hundreds of hours in a medium or big project.