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Final Documents

The hierarchically organized and well-categorized documentation bundle that must be delivered to the project owner as required by the contract is known as the final Document Book.

Being an EPC contractor or a fabricator makes no difference; this bundle needs to be offered. However, each vendor’s databook, which needs to be submitted before equipment delivery, is one of the hundreds of documents that make up an EPC project.

These documents are most commonly supplied progressively, and the system should collect and integrate them from where they were raised or archived.


  • The ability to customize what is included in the bundle;
  • Ability to create the latest revision databook or all revisions data book;
  • The dynamic hierarchy of documents based on the type of data book;
  • Ability to get the project’s data book or a selected portion such as a discipline, equipment, a commissioning system, a vendor, or a construction unit;
  • Ability to make a compressed package to write on portable media;
  • Facility to create a linkable index file.