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Purchasing Engineering and Vendor Documents

Documents in a large project may change at every stage, even after construction. Most of these changes may cause changes in the Bill of materials and purchase lists. Controlling these changes’ effects in medium or large projects is very hard with spreadsheets or manual methods.

In addition, after binding a purchase order (PO) with a vendor, controlling hundreds of vendor documents based on a Vendor Document List (VDL) may need as a small engineering project’s focus.

Purchasing Documents

  • Automatic Material Requisition (MR) generation from BOMs and MTOs;
  • Purchasing surplus management;
  • Management of Material Requisitions (MR);
  • Management of construction shortage Purchasing Requests (PR);
  • Change management control between engineering designs and purchasing packages;
  • Ability to create supportive documents.

Vendor Documents

  • Control each PO’s scope of engineering within Vendor Document Lists (VDL);
  • Access to the latest valid revision of vendor documents;
  • Vendor documents internal review and workflows;
  • Package each equipment’s or vendor’s document dossier;
  • Receive and control vendor’s transmittals and documents based on VDR;
  • Vendors engineering progress calculations;
  • Delay calculation reports;
  • Notifications on delays and events.


Integrates the material codes from design to purchase.


Controls and manages effects of changes to the amount or specifications of every single item of material during the project.


Generates the vendor’s final book with a single click.