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Commitment module, controls commitments to other stakeholders, notifies on deadlines and manages issues and obstacles in any part of the system.

Budget & Cost

  • Budget breakdown of each contract;
  • Controlling the contract price, profit margin, managerial reserve, and control accounts budget;
  • Work Package based budgeting;
  • The actual payment and receive of each Work Package;
  • Cost apportionment on each contract.

Issues and obstacles

  • Maintain claims on each contract or purchase order;
  • Maintain and flow management of delays and scope changes;
  • Affecting obstacles recording, checking and clearance of them.

Contract Management

  • All contracts at a glance;
  • Deadlines and important dates of each contract;
  • Contract responsibilities;
  • Notifications and reminders;
  • Terms and conditions;
  • Contract payment breakdown;
  • Contractual document management;
  • Invoices and requisitions management.