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Document Archiving

  • Maintaining a hierarchical Document breakdown structure (DBS);
  • Control document revisions;
  • Facility to define a workflow or an acceptance flow on a document or group of documents;
  • Access to the latest valid version of each document with the ability to review the previous revisions;
  • Access control to each level of breakdown or each document type;
  • Facility to lock the finalized document to prevent unwanted changes;
  • Facility to temporarily share a document

Project Templates

  • Facility to create templates in Microsoft Word format;
  • Assigning templates to any part of the system to get pre-designed outputs (i.e. a purchase order, a material receiving voucher, etc.);
  • Ability to design different templates for each project;
  • Ability to assign several selective templates to a single documentation point;

Report Generator

  • A flexible tool to modify or design new reports;
  • Access to dozens of chart types;
  • Ability to design pivots or tabular reports;
  • Ability to create multi-level drill-down reports.