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Work Definition

Project scope is one of the first and most important steps in Project Management. Work proper definition ensures the defined project’s scope accurately and enables project managers to allocate the proper resources necessary to complete the project.
Rhyton EPC Management System facilitates defining work borders to gain better scope control of all parts of the system.


Rhyton EPC Management System provides three levels of the process flow; at the first level, we provide a top-level flow between modules, at the second level we provide workflow inside each module and between activities.
At the latest level, we provide a dynamic embedded workflow design engine that enables defining or changing workflows inside any activity.


WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) defines a deliverable-oriented breakdown of the project into work packages and smaller components.
Primavera Integration and Microsoft Project Integration sub-modules facilitates WBS definition as easy as reading from planning file.
At the next step, CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure) defines on each contract and consequently, on the project to break contracts costs and budgets in conjunction with WBS nodes.

Human Structure

Project human resources organize in a hierarchical breakdown structure describing positions and functionalities in the project.
The system also provides a project human resource database, which maintains personal information, skills, certificates, educational background, and roles.