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Project Purchasing

Purchasing Management module prevents purchasing mistakes such as double or incorrect purchasing, facilitates the process, and finally creates, issues, and archives purchasing documents.


  • Vendor’s database including contact data, contact points, brochures, and documents;
  • Categorizing vendors in groups;
  • Ability to define evaluation factors for each group including qualitative and quantitative factors;
  • Vendor’s evaluation points history and current situation;
  • Approved vendor list for each project and the whole organization;
  • Whitelist and blacklist for the company vendors;
  • Facility to define each material group’s approved vendors;
  • Categorizing vendors into manufacturers, distributors, representatives and importers types and the ability to prioritize them.

Purchasing Package

  • Ability to create purchasing packages on the latest revisions of engineering Material Requisitions (MR);
  • Purchasing planning;
  • Ability to create purchasing packages on non-engineering Purchase Requests (PR);
  • Ability to create Purchasing packages on site shortage lists;
  • Assigning purchasing packages to purchasing teams or managers;
  • Ability to Shortcut MRs or PRs to sign Purchase Order directly;
  • Price history database on historical data.

Bid and Quotation

  • Maintaining all bid steps for further references;
  • Multi-currency support;
  • Ability to advise proper vendor short list based on what is in the package;
  • Facility to generate and send bid interest letter to the short list and continue with interested and conditional interested vendors;
  • Maintaining clarification history on each package;
  • Maintaining technical and commercial bid evaluation and results;
  • Ability to control the purchasing plan and bid plan;
  • Quotations management and ranking;
  • Comparison of vendor quotations;
  • Sending proper notifications to vendors and team.

Bid Selection and Awarding the Contract

  • Choose the winner according to the portion of the purchasing package;
  • Award multiple vendors on a purchasing package;
  • Ability to generate and send “letter of intent (LOI)”;
  • Sending awarded package to the legal department to prepare a Purchase Order;
  • Maintaining purchase orders including winning prices, negotiations and terms, and conditions.


Control of purchasing changes effects, which raised on changing engineering designs and requisitions.


Data integration of design and purchasing prevents purchasing common mistakes