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Vendor Manufacturing Control

Lots of items and equipment in a project should be manufactured in job shop manufacturers; controlling stages of manufacturing based on agreed Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) are a crucial issue to receive items on time, on budget with desired quality.

This module controls all activities from signing Purchase Order with a vendor to delivering material at the project.


Purchase Order

  • Companies database with a filing system for each;
  • Purchase Orders definition;
  • Detail information on each P.O. including Items, quantities, dates, terms of payment, terms of delivery, detail costs and prices, shipping method;
  • Scope of Manufacturing
  • Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) definition;
  • Defining manufacturing sub-activities for each activity;
  • Definition of ITP activities’ responsibility for Owner, Contractor, Vendor, and Inspection Third Party;
  • Integration of Engineering design and the latest version of ITP.

Vendor Documents

These features are working alongside in integration with “Purchasing engineering and Vendor Documents” module.

  • Maintaining Vendor Document Register for each Purchase Order;
  • Ability to set access for a vendor to submit transmittals and vendor documents;
  • Vendor Document’s progress reports

Inspection Package

  • Inspectors database including certifications, abilities, skills and work history;
  • Ability to define Inspection packages;
  • Maintaining each package’s items based on whole or part of Purchase Order.

Manufacturing Inspection

  • Automatic notifications to each party based on ITP steps and responsibilities;
  • Access level to submit Inspection Application (IA);
  • Creating Inspector Dispatch Requests (IDR) and sending to the inspector;
  • Access to submit Inspection Reports;
  • Ability to create Inspection Release Notes;
  • Non-Conformity Reports (NCR) workflow from raising to resolving;
  • Inspection work front based on ITP’s tasks;
  • Inspection status and backlog reports.


  • Maintaining Inspection Release Note (IRN);
  • Permit to pack and ship based on final IRNs;
  • Control received Packing Lists based on Purchase Order’s backlog;
  • Packing list definition for each P.O.;
  • Balance control of packages of each P.O.;
  • Packaging and shipping detail of each packing list including package type, weights, dimensions and parts;
  • Control and issue Shipping Release Note (SRN);
  • Material and Packing List tracking.


  • Package loading status report;
  • Package’s departure status report;
  • Shipping plan and milestones control such as ETD, ETA;
  • Custom Clearance status report;
  • Shipping millstones forecasts;
  • Shipping actual reports;
  • Material shipment status reports;
  • Managing shipping processes based on Delivery terms.


  • Package’s delivery and unloading status based on the term of delivery;
  • Delivery controls and documentation;
  • Integrating with “Material Resources planning and control” module.


Documents, history, NCRs results and inspection reports of each package are gathered in an Inspection File.


All Parties in an inspection including the owner, company, vendor, and inspection third party have access to inspections and documents, based on their role in ITP.


ITPs control every single manufacturing activity on each item.