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PiNOR EDMS for Construction and Installation Phase in EPC Projects

Managing construction-related documents and ensuring seamless collaboration between construction and engineering teams is vital during the construction and installation phase in EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects. Construction teams often require clarifications, leading to Construction Requests for Information (RFIs) that need prompt responses from the engineering team. The efficient management of RFIs is critical in ensuring timely decision-making and project continuity, making it a crucial aspect of EPC projects. 

Engineering must clarify technical queries from the construction team to ensure adherence to design specifications. The importance of clear communication and precise documentation cannot be overstated in swiftly resolving these queries. The as-built process involves updating documents to reflect the actual construction status, a required task for project handover, and future maintenance. Before construction begins, it’s crucial to ensure documents are marked as ‘Ready for Construction,’ confirming that all necessary reviews and approvals have been completed. 


Construction teams must always have access to the latest document revisions to prevent errors and rework. Issuing construction documents involves distributing necessary drawings, specifications, and instructions to the construction team, ensuring all parties work with the correct information.