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PiNOR EDMS for Engineering Phase in EPC Projects

The engineering phase in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects is divided into several key stages, each playing a crucial role in project success.

The Feasibility Study (FS) phase focuses on assessing project viability. FS involves preliminary analyses and high-level conceptual designs to determine if the project should proceed.

In the Basic Design (Conceptual Design) phase, initial design concepts and cost estimates establish the project’s feasibility and scope, laying the groundwork for detailed engineering.

The Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase builds on the Basic Design, providing detailed specifications and designs, comprehensive cost estimates, and risk assessments. This phase reduces project uncertainties and prepares bid packages for EPC contractors.


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The Detailed Design phase finalizes all design aspects based on FEED documents, producing comprehensive and precise engineering documents essential for procurement and construction. This phase ensures that all elements are ready for execution.

Engineering requirements remain similar throughout these phases but vary in focus and detail. Designing documents, managing internal comments and reviews, controlling revisions, transmitting documents, and incorporating external feedback are crucial.

PiNOR EDMS by Rhyton is a powerful Engineering Document Management System that effectively addresses the challenges of the engineering phase in EPC projects. It provides Master Document Registers for centralized document management, project scope change management, and live control and visibility of document status. Its flexible design workflows and distribution matrices, efficient external communications, and centralized procurement management integration ensure seamless project execution. Its construction support features, handover engineering tools, and robust accessibility options further enhance project management, instilling confidence in your ability to manage the project effectively.