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PiNOR EDMS for Operation and Maintenance

With a structured approach for managing the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase of a capital project, the PiNOR Engineering Document Management System categorizes access to project documents and history, dynamic procedures to support maintenance activities, controlled change management, open interfaces to external applications (including Digital Twin apps like Aveva and Hexagon), and comprehensive document content search capabilities.

Access to project documents is organized into several categories:

technical documentation (including design documents, as-built drawings, specifications, and engineering calculations), maintenance manuals (detailing instructions for routine and preventive maintenance, troubleshooting guides, and service schedules), operational procedures (including standard operating procedures, emergency response plans, and operational guidelines), inspection and test records (covering all inspections, tests, and calibrations performed during the commissioning and maintenance phases), compliance and certification documents (such as certificates of compliance, regulatory documents, safety audits, and inspection reports), and historical data (logs of past maintenance activities, performance data, and incident reports). 

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Access control is managed through role-based access, secure login protocols, and maintaining audit trails to ensure accountability and traceability. The document content search functionality includes full-text search capabilities to locate documents based on content, keywords, and phrases, metadata search based on document attributes like title, author, date, and category, and advanced filtering options to narrow down search results by document type, date range, and relevance. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, simplifying document search and retrieval, displaying search results with highlighted keywords and snippets of relevant content, and providing navigation aids such as breadcrumbs, tags, and related document links to enhance user experience.