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PiNOR EDMS for Procurement Phase in EPC Projects

The procurement phase in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects involves a series of critical engineering tasks generally divided into two main steps: before Purchase Order (PO) issuance and after PO issuance.


External parties such as vendors and engineering teams have controlled access to the PiNOR portal via web, mobile, or tablet, ensuring seamless communication and document sharing.

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Before PO Issuance

Before issuing a PO, the focus is on managing the latest revisions of essential purchasing documents such as Bill of Materials (BOM), Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and Material Requisitions. These documents are crucial for facilitating the bidding and purchasing process. Ensuring accuracy and up-to-date revisions is vital for clear communication and adequate supply.

During this phase, purchasing clarifications between suppliers and the engineering design team are essential. These interactions help resolve queries, refine specifications, and ensure suppliers fully understand the project requirements.

After PO Issuance

After issuing a PO, the focus shifts to controlling vendor document flows. This involves receiving and managing all necessary vendor documents based on each Vendor’s Document Register (VDL, VDR, VDR, or SDR), ensuring they align with project specifications and timelines. Proper vendor document control is essential to maintaining the integrity of equipment and package projects and avoiding delays.

Additionally, this phase includes overseeing the receipt of equipment document packages.