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An EPC Engineering Document Management Software

To empower Project Owners Engineering Companies Vendors Contractors

Flexible Workflow.

Streamline engineering design, review, and change processes with automated workflows, enhancing efficiency.

Your People, Partners, and Clients Under One Roof.

Bring transparency with a branded portal. A designed to cater to project owners, contractors, engineering firms, and suppliers’ needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all EPC participants.

Revive Digital Assets.

Keep your documents and intellectual property in action with robust security measures.

Specialized Solution for EPC Projects.

PINOR understands and addresses EPC document management’s unique requirements and regulations.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical Compliance

Seamlessly adhere to the oil, gas, and chemical regulations and standards, minimizing compliance-related challenges.

Your Role in

Project Owner

Project Owner

You initiate and fund the project, collaborating with contractors, engineering firms, and vendors for its execution.
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General Contractor

General Contractor

You lead EPC projects, collaborating with subcontractors, engineering firms, and vendors to deliver for clients.
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Engineering Company

Engineering Company

You handle FEED, Basic, and Detail engineering projects for clients.
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You fabricate, manufacture, and install equipment and materials for EPC projects, including the design and delivery of engineering documents to clients.
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