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PINOR Engineering Document Management Softwareis your All-in-One Solution for EPC Projects tailored to meet the diverse needs of companies engaged in EPC projects, from Project Owners to Engineering Companies.

Whether you wear multiple hats in different projects, rest assured that we’ve got you covered. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you have one comprehensive system that seamlessly caters to all your roles and project requirements.

Engineering Companies
Owners / Operators
Project Scope
MDR Management
MDR Change History
Outsourced MDRs
Multi MDR for Project
Engineering Management
Engineering Documents
Non-Engineering Documents
Internal Discussions
Progress Measurement
Hold-Ponts, and Delays
Managerial Dashboards and Reports
Live Status Reports
Multi-Project Management
Internal Review and Design Process
Workflow Management
Document Initiation and Design Process
Document Review and Approval Process
Document Numbering
Comment Aggregator
Project Control
Progress Control
Delay Management
Claim Tickets
Sending Transmittals
Receiving Transmittals
Sending Comment Sheets
Receiving Comment Sheets
Sending Reply Sheets
Receiving Reply Sheets
Submittal History
Procurement Engineering
BOQ/BOM Management
MR Management
Purchasing Process Queries
Vendor’s Document Management
Equipment Data Package
Construction/Fabrication/Installation Engineering
Shop/Yard Document Issue
Construction Document Center
Change Management and As-Built Process
Equipment Document Package
Construction Technical Queries
Printed Documents Validator
Handover Engineering
Document Dossiers
Dynamic Data Packages
Engineering Handover Checklists
External User’s Web-Portal
2FA Authentication
Mobile Access
Multi-Dimensional Access Levels
AI-Powered Full Text Search
Distributed Engineering Teams

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