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Role-based Overview
of PiNOR Engineering Document Management System


PiNOR Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) is designed to cater to the diverse needs of stakeholders involved in complex capital projects. PiNOR EDMS provides efficient document design and review management across all phases for engineering companies responsible for project design. EPC contractors benefit from comprehensive document control during the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning phases (EPCC). Project owners require an overall document control system, and PiNOR EDMS offers advanced reporting and analytics for monitoring project status. Vendors must generate and submit vendor documents, which PiNOR EDMS handles with streamlined submission and role-based access. Finally, project operators use PiNOR EDMS to manage documents during the Operation and Maintenance phase, integrating with Digital Twin and Asset Management tools. 

PiNOR EDMS is not just a document management system; it’s a project enabler. From inception to operation, it equips all stakeholders with the tools for efficient document management, fostering collaboration, and enhancing project execution. It empowers engineering companies with advanced features, provides EPC contractors with seamless document control, offers project owners comprehensive oversight, facilitates streamlined document submission for vendors, and ensures project operators maintain document integrity during O&M.