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An EPC Engineering Document Management Software

Vendors hold a critical role in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects as they design, build, and install essential equipment and materials. For vendors, efficient project execution hinges on seamless communication, precise documentation, and transparent collaboration. The “Vendors’ Version” of PINOR EDMS is tailored to meet these unique needs, empowering vendors to thrive in the complex world of engineering projects.
PINOR Engineering Document Management Software provides vendors with a dedicated space to design and deliver engineering documents, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and compliance with project specifications. It streamlines communication with other project stakeholders, including contractors, engineering firms, and project owners, fostering a collaborative environment.
With PINOR EDMS, vendors can confidently manage their requirements and contributions to EPC projects. Track the progress of equipment design, maintain version control, and efficiently address technical queries. The system simplifies vendor document submission, review, and approval, streamlining the procurement process.

Engineering Scope Management

Controlling the scope of work in an engineering project is vital to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and meets all stakeholders’ requirements. Any uncontrolled changes in the scope can result in delays, cost overruns, and dissatisfaction among stakeholders. PINOR EDMS controls engineering project’s scope using Master Document Registers (MDRs) and Vendor Document Registers (VDRs or VDLs).

The Engineering Scope Management feature in PINOR EDMS offers the following main features:

  • Master Document Register (MDR): This feature allows you to manage all the documents related to the project or a specific PO in a central location.
  • Project scope change management: This feature helps to manage and control any changes to the project’s scope. System tracks the changes, analyzes their impact, and manages it efficiently with access to the historical record of the projects changes.
  • Documents’ responsibility control: With this feature, you can assign responsibilities to different team members for designing and finalizing documents. You can also track the status of documents and ensure they are ready to be delivered to the client.

In summary, the Engineering Scope Management feature in PINOR EDMS provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing and controlling the scope of work in engineering projects. It helps ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and meets all stakeholders’ requirements.

Engineering Management

In a project, it is advantageous to have real-time visibility into the status of all documents to ensure that the project stays on track. PINOR EDMS can provide live control of what’s happening in engineering, including:

  • Engineering Documents: Seamlessly manage engineering-specific documents, from drawings and specifications to calculations and technical manuals in different engineering disciplines. 
  • Non-Engineering Documents: Extend document management beyond engineering, encompassing diverse file types like contracts, invoices, and correspondence, and have all your documents in one place. 
  • Internal Discussions: Collaborative discussions among the project team directly within the system, enhancing communication and decision-making.
  • Managerial Dashboards and Reports: Access intuitive dashboards and generate insightful reports for project oversight and informed decision-making.
  • Multi-Project Management: Seamlessly handle multiple projects within a unified system, streamlining project portfolio management.
  • Access to the latest valid revision: Authorized users can access the latest valid revision of any document. This feature ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of documents, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies.
  • Access to all modifications: PINOR EDMS allows authorized users to access previous document modifications, enabling them to see how the document has evolved. This feature helps track changes and ensure all changes are correctly documented.
  • Live progress reports: PINOR EDMS includes a live progress report that provides real-time updates on the status of documents. This feature allows project managers to monitor progress and identify potential delays early, reducing the risk of project delays.
  • Document delay reports: This feature enables project managers to take action to address delays and keep the project on track.
  • Document history trail and chain reports: PINOR EDMS tracks the history of all documents, including changes, approvals, and distribution. 
  • PMS-Based progress calculation: PINOR EDMS enables project managers to calculate progress based on the project’s progress measurement system (PMS).
  • Document status-based progress calculation: PINOR EDMS can automatically calculate progress based on the status of engineering documents.
  • Progress, delay, and hold-point reports: Various reports that help project managers control engineering work, including progress, delay, and hold-point reports. These reports provide insight into project performance and enable managers to make data-driven decisions.


In summary, PINOR EDMS provides a live overview of what’s happening in engineering, enabling project managers to track the status of documents in real-time. With features like access to the latest valid revision, live progress reports, and document history trail and chain reports, PINOR EDMS provides project managers with the tools to ensure that the project stays on track and that all documents are appropriately managed.

Flexible Design Process

The design process ensures project success for medium- and large-scale projects. In an electronic document management software (EDMS), internal design workflows help streamline the design process, ensuring that all documents are designed and submitted, then reviewed and approved by the appropriate stakeholders.

PINOR EDMS offers a flexible internal design workflow feature that includes discipline-based, document type-based, and document class-based workflows, ensuring that records are designed effectively, and controlled or approved according to established procedures.

The feature in PINOR EDMS includes the following key features:

  • Flexible design workflows: PINOR EDMS allows you to create automatic internal workflows based on discipline, document type, or document class from initiation to submitting. This feature ensures that documents are designed and approved by the appropriate stakeholders based on their areas of expertise.
  • Project-based distribution matrix: With this feature, you can create a distribution matrix that maps project teams to specific document types and groups. This feature helps ensure that the right people receive the appropriate documents in design process.
  • Automatic document numbering: PINOR EDMS allows you to generate automatic document numbering based on the numbering procedure of each project. This feature ensures that all documents, and submittals are numbered consistently and accurately, making tracking and managing them easy.
  • Controlling revisions: With this feature, you can control major and minor document revisions, ensuring that all changes are tracked and managed correctly.
  • Auto-start document flow: PINOR EDMS includes a feature that automatically starts the document flow when the planned date is reached, and all predecessors have been completed. This feature helps ensure that the design and distribution processes are initiated on time, reducing delays and improving overall project efficiency.

In summary, PINOR EDMS offers comprehensive features for managing the internal review and design workflows, ensuring that documents are designed, reviewed, approved, and distributed efficiently. With flexible workflows, project-based distribution matrices, and automatic document numbering features, PINOR EDMS can streamline document management, improve efficiency, and reduce delays in large projects.

External Engineering Communications (Transmittals, and Incoming Comment Sheets)

Effective communication with clients is critical for the success of any engineering project. An electronic document management software (EDMS) like PINOR EDMS can streamline the information exchange, enabling project managers to manage submittals, transmittals, and comments sheets efficiently.

PINOR EDMS offers a range of features for managing external communications, including:

  • Receiving, distributing, and answering comment sheets: PINOR EDMS allows DCC users to receive and distribute incoming comments sheets from the clients, and answer trough reply-sheets. This feature enables project managers to keep track of all incoming comments and promptly distribute them to the relevant persons.
  • Creating and issuing outgoing transmittals and reply-sheets: With Rhyton EDMS, the team can create and issue outgoing transmittals to the client and answer comment sheets. This feature enables project managers to ensure that all outgoing communications are correctly documented and tracked.
  • Predefined templates and auto-numberings: PINOR EDMS includes predefined templates or can accept project templates and numberings for outgoing submittals. This feature enables project team to create these documents automatically, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Live access to pending answers and designs: PINOR EDMS provides live access to the latest pending responses and issues status. This feature enables project managers to monitor progress and promptly address all uncertain communications.

PINOR EDMS provides comprehensive features for managing submittals, transmittals, and comment sheets. With features like receiving and distributing incoming communications, creating and issuing outgoing communications, predefined templates and auto-numberings, and live access to pending answers and designs, PINOR EDMS enables project managers to manage external communications efficiently and effectively.

Fabrication and Installation Engineering

When it comes to fabrication and installation projects, having access to the latest and most accurate engineering design documents is vital. Construction workers must be able to trust that the documents they are using are approved for construction and up to date. PINOR EDMS can help ensure construction follows the correct design by accessing the most recent and valid “Approved for Construction” documents repository. Additionally, providing access to a construction document center for each sub-contractor based on their access levels. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and minimize errors or misunderstandings.

  • Shop/Yard Document Issue:Efficiently manage the issuance of documents for shop, yard, or fabrication activities. Ensure on-site teams access the most up-to-date engineering documents, fostering smooth fabrication and construction processes.
  • Fabrication Document Center: Centralize your construction documents in one dedicated hub. Access blueprints, specifications, and other critical documents, streamlining communication and coordination between fabrication teams and engineering departments.
  • Change Management and As-Built Process: Stay on top of project changes and maintain accurate as-built records effortlessly. Our system provides robust change management tools to track modifications, ensuring the final deliverables align with what is fabricated.
  • Equipment Document Package: Effortlessly manage equipment-related documentation from technical manuals to maintenance records and NCRs. PINOR EDMS ensures that equipment document packages are complete and readily available for delivery. 
  • Technical Queries: Streamline the resolution of technical queries by providing a dedicated platform facilitating quick exchanges between engineering teams, and fabrication and installation parties, reducing project delays and ensuring clarity in technical matters.
  • Printed Documents Validator: Addressing a common challenge in construction, this tool ensures that teams are always working with the latest document revisions, even after printing. It provides a solution to the risk of outdated printed documents, helping maintain accuracy and alignment with project developments.

Handover Engineering

  • Engineering Handover Checklists: Utilize predefined or customizable engineering handover checklists to ensure that no critical steps or documents are overlooked during project handovers. These checklists serve as a valuable tool for verifying that all necessary deliverables are in place and meet the project’s quality standards.

Engineering Progress

In an engineering project, tracking progress and identifying delays or hold points is crucial to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. With Rhyton EDMS (PINOR), project managers can calculate the progress of engineering documents and receive notifications on delays and events.

Rhyton EDMS (PINOR) offers a range of features for engineering progress measurement, including:

  • Progress calculation based on the project’s PMS: Rhyton EDMS (PINOR) enables project managers to calculate progress based on the project’s progress measurement system (PMS). This feature allows project managers to track progress and identify areas requiring attention.
  • Document status-based progress calculation: With Rhyton EDMS (PINOR), project managers can calculate progress based on the status of engineering documents. This feature enables project managers to track progress and identify delays or hold points.
  • Notifications on delays and events: Rhyton EDMS (PINOR) provides reports on delays and events, enabling project managers to take action promptly and ensure that the project stays on track.
  • Progress, delay, and hold-points reports: Rhyton EDMS (PINOR) offers various reports that help project managers control engineering work, including progress, delay, and hold-point reports. These reports provide insight into project performance and enable managers to make data-driven decisions.

Rhyton EDMS (PINOR) gives project managers powerful tools to measure engineering progress in a dynamically changing environment. With features like progress calculation based on the project’s PMS, document status-based progress calculation, notifications on delays and events, and progress, delay, and hold points reports, project managers can track progress, identify delays, and take action to ensure that the project stays on track.


External User’s Web Portal: This secure portal offers external parties, such as contractors, vendors, and clients, seamless access to project-related information and documents. It facilitates efficient collaboration, document sharing, and communication among project participants.


AI-Powered Full-Text Search: PINOR EDMS leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide a powerful full-text search functionality. This feature enables users to quickly and efficiently search through vast repositories of engineering documents, making it easy to locate specific information, documents, or data within seconds.

Distributed Engineering Teams: In today’s globalized engineering landscape, teams often span different regions or countries. PINOR EDMS facilitates seamless collaboration, communication, and document sharing among team members, regardless of their physical location. 

2FA Authentication: PINOR EDMS prioritizes security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This advanced security feature adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts.

Mobile Access: Users can access the system on the go using smartphones or tablets. 

Multi-Dimensional Access Levels: PINOR EDMS offers a sophisticated access control system that supports multi-dimensional access levels. 


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