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Engineering Companies


Whether you have a single discipline or multi-disciplined project, you need to equip and empower your team and collaborate with other stakeholders.

Rhyton EPC Management System enables your teams to benefit from engineering documents and deliverable management, purchasing documents generation and management, engineering workflows to review or create documents, vendor documents’ management, construction engineering management and finally facilitate creating final packages.

It also helps to manage each project effectively, gain a consistent insight into projects, and protect your intellectual property in designs, catalogs, and documents.


  1. Risk of considerable delays and rework due to inadequate document version control.
  2. Managing thousands of documents, including drawings, computation reports, and technical data sheets during projects.
  3. Requirement for providing the project team with customized access based on their position in project chart to project documents and communications.
  4. Inefficiency of manual document control requiring upload and distribution of each document revision.
  5. Need for immediate access to project information, documents and correspondence, regardless of location.
  6. Difficulty of verifying and having access to the latest version of documents.


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