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EPC Contractors and General Contractors


As an EPC contractor or General Contractor company, you have to face new challenges daily. You need to deliver complex projects on the budget, on schedule, and on the contractual scope.

Your multi-disciplined teams are more distributed than ever, with more communication and integration needs with more visibility.

You also need to be responsive to the owners and organization’s managers during the project. You need to consider all aspects from engineering to construction.

Rhyton EPC Management System includes multi-disciplined Engineering, Procurement, construction, Commitment Management, Work Definition, Integrators and Documentation modules that empower you to manage the full lifecycle of the medium and large-scale projects.


  1. Requirement for effective collaboration across the entire project.
  2. Traditional solutions using Outlook, Excel, and CDs do not guarantee the flow of information to all clients.
  3. Aggressive project schedule and limited budget.
  4. Coordinating the work of many direct or indirect subcontractors.
  5. Complex project logistics – traffic, construction, storage, utilities, timing, and other factors.


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