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Project Owners / Managing Contractors


There are various unique challenges in medium, large and mega projects for the project owners. It is becoming increasingly difficult for project owners to have an overall look on the project. Also, having a variety of subcontractors, team distributions and integration management not only makes it difficult for project owners to monitor and supervise their projects but also imperative.

This approach enables project owners or managing contractors to make their decisions based on actual circumstances.

As a result, this situation circumvents the necessity of scrutinizing every minor detail of projects. However, it is absolutely essential for project owners or managing contractors to have monitoring access to the whole project using sub-systems based on the areas which are working in the bottom layer of the project.


  1. Managing and coordinating a high volume of project-related communications more effectively.
  2. Need for tracking project status to manage risk and stay on schedule.
  3. Providing better tracking and reporting of the project’s progress.
  4. Requirement for secure, reliable, accurate information management systems.
  5. Requirement to track project information and processes throughout the lifecycle and audit the project at any time.


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